Dave was born and raised in Vancouver as one of three boys in his family. He was involved in athletics for his entire life including professional skiing then on to a career in business.

Dave competed in various sports at a national level and at an international level in Skiing as a member of Canada's National Freestyle Snow Ski Team, where he enjoyed several top ten performances in World Cup Competition. After retiring from active competition, Dave coached at various levels including the National Team during their Olympic debut in Calgary.

Other events of note include a Guinness World Duration Record in 1986, where Dave and partner Gerry O'Neill skied for 83 hours and 17 minutes to break the World record. In 1994, he and partner Ralph Hildebrand, broke another Guinness World Record for Water-Ski Duration both skiing 1337.46 miles in 57 hours. Dave is also recipient of the Bronze medal for Bravery from the Royal Canadian Humane Association for involvement in a life saving effort.

He has been a professional ski show performer and stunt man for movies, commercials, and TV programs. Dave and his wife, Kathy (Kreiner) - 1976 Olympic Gold Medallist, operate programs for athletes and business people that focus on overcoming psychological barriers to achieve peak performance.

Dave has been a motivational speaker and Master of Ceremonies in many different types of shows and events in Canada, Europe and Japan. For many years he has been involved in staff training, public speaking and event announcing at several levels including World Cup Alpine and Freestyle events and Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988.

For more than 25 years, he has been a business management consultant in the areas of real estate, hotels, human resources, public speaking and life coaching. He has been on the boards of several public and private companies.

Dave was a founding director of one of North America’s largest insulation companies, Insulpro Industries. Insulpro was recognised five times to the Profit 100, as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Canada with annualised revenues of approximately $100M and 1100 employees after only seven years. Dave was involved in the acquisition of over 30 businesses throughout North America. Insulpro was listed on the TSE in 1995 and is the only construction related sub trade to ever be listed on a stock exchange in North America. The president Richard A. Carrick was twice a finalist as a Pacific Canada Entrepreneur of The Year and won this prestigious award in 1997.

Most recently Dave was Chairman of the Board of a custom electronics manufacturer. This was a privately held company with 400 employees that tripled revenues during Dave’s time with them.

Dave currently works with business leaders across Canada as an executive business and life Mentor/Coach. He is a conference and special event speaker serving clients across North America. Dave now lives in North Vancouver with his wife, Kathy and their three children: Nelson, Liam and Michela. For more information go to www.dphillips.com.