Introduction Bio For Dave

Following is an introduction bio that can be read to introduce Dave before his presentation to your group.

Dave is an experienced executive mentor and speaker for high performance CEO’s and business leaders across North America. His work covers topics ranging from the boardroom to the bedroom in some of the most challenging and even troubling areas of the leaders life.

Over the past 20 years he has served on the boards of several private and public companies.

Dave is a business owner, author, columnist and talk show host. He was a member and coach of Canada’s National Freestyle Ski team, a stunt man and professional ski show performer.

Dave broke two Guinness World records for ski duration. The first on snow by skiing continuously for over 83 hours and the second on water by skiing over 2140 KM in 57 hours with partner Ralph Hildebrand. Dave was also awarded the Bronze Medal for Bravery for his part in a life saving effort.

Dave is married to Ontario Native and Olympic Gold Medalist in Alpine Skiing, Kathy Kreiner-Phillips. They now live in Vancouver with their three Children, Nelson, Liam & Michela.