Mentoring Steps

These steps are designed specifically to get you to where you want to go.
You can also create your own steps.

Welcome Letter A letter is sent out to new clients informing them of the Mentoring process. There are six sections in this letter that will help orient your goals and to help get you rolling. Download Here

Life Scan This is an abrieviated life scan addressing four critical areas: Personal Environment, Well-being, Money and Relationships. This is where we start to select key areas that you want to work on. Download PDF Here    |    Download Excel Here

Birkman Testing Birkman is an advanced behavioral assessment that is included in the mentoring process. For more information about Birkman please click on the following link: Birkman

Mentoring Steps Sample This document provides a sample of how the mentoring progression often works. It's different for everyone but often there are roughly 5 steps. A description of each step is provided with some understanding of why a particular step is needed and an outline of how long it takes. Download Sample PDF