Dave is an experienced executive mentor who has been working with CEOs and business leaders all over North America full-time for the past decade and as a board member and senior adviser for the last 20 years. I suppose you could say he is unofficially sat on and continues to sit on dozens of boards of small and medium-size businesses.

He works with chief executives in companies ranging from a few million in sales to a few billion in sales. Dave is somewhat unique as his clients describe him as a mentor who covers everything from the boardroom to the bedroom. Business is challenging but not nearly as challenging as making your life and relationships work well. Frankly, itís very difficult to construct a well lived life alone.

Daveís clients all come from referrals which is likely why youíre here reading this information.

If you have any questions or if you would just like to speak with Dave briefly please feel free to call him on his direct line at 604-987-7531 or send an e-mail to