Three Big Questions

Everyone Asks Sooner or Later


Introduction Video How it all Works



Forward Overview


ONE - Finding Your Path

Stories, Examples & Inspiration

TWO - Virtues and Values

Virtues and Values - Overview Exercises Video Exercises Video


THREE - Purpose

Purpose - Overview Exercises - Video Exercises - Video Stories, Examples & Inspiration


FOUR - Mission

Mission Overview Stories, Examples & Inspiration


FIVE - Vision

Vision - Overview Exercises Stories, Examples & Inspiration

SIX - Conclusion

Final Comments Exercises Stories, Examples & Inspiration
Dave serves as an Executive Mentor and Profession Speaker to business leaders in North America and Europe. He is also a veteran certified Birkman Consultant. He will be your guide and coach as you get to know yourself, your working style and preferences better then you ever have in the Birkman Web Series. You’ll make better decisions with Birkman.Click here for more information about Dave. Biography